(Fitness 24 seven) after 1 week !


Busy week has ended ! My customers from Japan went back on Friday night and I finally got free. I took them to Suvarnabhumi airport and Good-bye ! I drove home and had a big big sleep ! So I woke up with a very good feeling and went to exercise !

I did (walk & Run) for 30 mins & joined (Body Combat) class.

2 weeks ago, I had lower back pain and for the last week I was busy with work and I didn’t do any exercise, so I had to go slowly.

3 mins walk by 5.3km/H and run 6.7km/H for my (Walk & Run).

(Body combat) was always, follow Trainer Mr. PK and 55 mins work out !

After all, I think I’m OK with my back or my body. So, I will keep on going to Fitness as much as I can until the end of this year !

I also want to control what I eat. 

When I was with my customers I had to eat what I didn’t want !

So I try not to eat too much and not eat what I don’t like !

I eat Natto with Apple Vinegar & Olive oil in it. I do it every morning as my breakfast, and a coffee with MCT oil drops !

If I believe they are good for me, they must be !

I think I will go to Fitness 24 seven again tonight to do exercise again.

Easy one little bit more !

This weekend, I have to spend all my time on myself !

Have a nice wekend !


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