Work Blue Sky in Chonburi !


I’m taking care of my customers from Japan this week. Wherever they want to go, I must take them ! We went to Chonburi yesterday to have the meetings (2 companies).  I took some photos only because I was very busy with them.

We had lunch at Thai Country Club. We were going to (Wellgrow Industrial Estate), so we just stopped there for a quick lunch !

I took salad because I didn’t move much & I wasn’t so hungry !

On the way back to Bangkok, we got off the car at BTS Udom Suk station because of a traffic jam in Sukhumvit rd.

This photo is the sunset time of Bangkok from BTS Udom Sku !

We moved to BTS Phrom Phon station and took a motorbike taxi to a Japanese restaurant call (Ise) in soi 39.

(Ise) is a kind of Izakaya with so much manu, there could be more than 100 kinds of foods you can order !

We had very good food, good talk and good laughs !

I ordered vegetables for my dinner and ate some chicken too.

I haven’t gone my fitness club at all for a week, so I had to cut off my food to eat !

Anyway I have 2 more days to take care of my customers, so let’s keep on !

After they go home, it will be the weekend !

I will relax and sleep a lot and play a lot !

Wish me good luck !


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