Bonus in Dec will be 1 month + 20,000 THB !  Thank you so much.


My company informed me that I’d get the bonus 1 month salary +20,000 THB on 20th Dec ! That’s so nice, I thought it was just 1 month bonus, so +20,000 THB is extra ! I can spend this money on my holiday trip to India !

I always live a Low-cost life in Bangkok. Where I live or what I eat, I don’t pay much for them. Shopping ! I don’t go shopping so much, and I don’t buy things so much.

So I can save money from my salary every month and I keep 50% in cash & invest 50% in Thai stocks !

I go traveling when I have time, I really love traveling. So I spend my money on traveling !

I’m working until 29th Dec, and on the night I will take a plane to Mumbai, India for a week ! It will be my 3rd time in India !

Feel Different cultures, Indian foods and new experiences !!

I think this is the best way to spend money !

I must prepare my Visa but applying for an Indian visa application on a website is not easy. So many things I must input ! 

Anyway, I can’t complain. I must do what I must do !  and my work, too. Only 2 more weeks to go.

Aa My bonus +20,000 THB extra, this year sales were very good. So I’d try to work hard to keep going up in 2023.

Have a nice day !


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