re start my blog in English !


For my English skill improve, I’m writing my blog in English from today. For more people in the world could read my blog well but my English is not so good as TOEIC score 715 as my best. So never be sure I could keep on trying !


I’ve been living in Thailand more than 13 years, working Japanese Trading company in Phra Kanong. I also rent my apartment in Phra Kanong too where I can still feel local Thai life with many markets & street foods.

My Thai language skill is very poor, so I mostly speak English with Thai people.

Thai people in Bangkok can speak English, too. So, it’s no big deal if I can’t speak Thai well.

I like Thai foods & spicy food too, but I am on a diet, so try not to eat too much. Since I join my fitness (it’s called Fitness 24 seven), I started thinking of what I eat, so I only sometimes eat Thai foods.

For drinks you can get in Thailand, such as Cook, Coffee, Tea or any, Thai people put a lot of sugar into, and getting fat easily !

I think living in Thailand is very good, but we must control ourselves about foods.

We must know about Thai traffic rules!

Even in Bangkok, so many motorbikes running & sometimes they run walk side, some don’t care about red traffic lights! So, when you walk in Bangkok (specially), you must be very careful.

I like taking photos with my smart phone, I normally take photos anywhere,

anytime. Thai people like photographing, so they don’t much care what I take. I think Thailand is quite easy country for shooting movies or taking photos.

Through my blog, if you get interested in Thailand & Bangkok, I’d be very happy, too.

I will show you my life in Bangkok from now in English !!

My Instagram: kunitabi

My name is Kuni, tabi is (travel) in Japanese, together comes my nickname !

My Tik Tok: kunitabi


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