My activity from 5:00 AM !


After watching a football match, I just came to my office, it’s 5:00 in the morning ! Argentina vs Croatia, 3-0, Argentina won ! Score is 3-0 but it was a very good game. Tonight I must watch one more game, France vs Morocco. Winner will fight with Argentina for the final !

Yesterday, after work, I went to Fitness club to join Body Combat for 1 hour & used a running machine for Walk & Run for 1 hour. 

On the way back home, I saw people having fun, eating & drinking but I didn’t care, I hurried home to sleep because I had to watch the football match.

I also thought that I didn’t want to do the same as people do. 

When they eat, I exercise. I must make myself different from others !

3 minutes walk & 3 minutes run, repeat them for 30 minutes x 2 times !

For myself, this is the best exercise to lose weight, to burn fat !

Just 2 more weeks before my holiday in India, and the year 2023 is coming soon. 

I think 2023 will be a very tough year for everybody in the world, so I need to prepare for it, to keep fit & healthy,and not to be afraid of challenging new things !

It’s 6:00 AM in Bangkok and it’s a bit cold this morning. 

Checking emails, preparing work for today, they can make my work faster & easier.

Maybe at 7:00, I will go for a walk to break & relax !

I like walking in the morning. I can see people going to work. I feel like Bangkok city is alive & active. 

Maybe walk in the market of Phra Khnong, and I will see people are already working !

It’s gonna be a good day again and I will exercise again !


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