Get ready for traveling to India !


I went to the AIS shop to set Travel- SIM for India. I paid 300 THB for using the internet for 8 days, 4 GB in India.

I think that’s good enough, my travel is just 7 days !

I also went to (Decathlon) to get my new westporch !

When I saw the time, it was 9:00. (Terminal 21) where the AIS shop opened at 10:00, so I decided to walk from Phra Khanong to Asok. 

Walking along Sukhumvit road takes about 1 hour, about 4Km !

When I got there, yes bingo ! exactly 10:00 AM !!

I moved in (Terminal 21) and took the elevator up 6 Fl. 

There was a shop (AIS). I was the 1st customer for the day of Christmas eve.

After I set up my Travel-SIM for India, I went to another shop just next to AIS.

I was looking for a smartphone for my boss in Japan whose phone was broken.

Baguette was 10,000 THB, so I chose a Samsung Smartphone (Galaxy A23) light blue color , 9,999 THB !

Everythings was done in (Terminal 21) , so I left and started walking again.

Next I was moving to Rama 4 road, (Lotus’s) where there was a shop called (Decathlon).

At (Decathlon), I bought a new Westporch 300 THB & an easy compact bag 60 THB.

They are my next travels to India.

And I was done for the day I had to, so I walked back to Ekkamai (Gateway) for my lunch !

I walked about 3 hours for shopping & preparation !

It was a kind of exercise for me and I was so happy that I finished preparing for India !

Life is short, so let’s go to the world !


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