How to spend Christmas eve eve !   


After I finished my work, I went to the Fitness club as always but there were a few people exercising there.

Of course, it’s Christmas time and it’s Friday night ! For me it was just a day, so I moved to the class of Body Combat & Body Pump !

(Walk & Run) for 30 mins and Body Combat for 1 hour + Body Pump for 1 hour. 

On Friday night, how many times did I squat ?

I already felt so much pain in my legs when I was walking home !

Maybe people were having a party, I was squatting !!

I went home to change my clothes and I took my book and  went out again to the Pub called (P.J. O’brien’s).

I got a beer and started reading my book waiting for my food.

I’m reading a book about (thinking & movement of our body) like if you don’t think, you can’t move, is that correct ?

This book is very interesting. I don’t care what people are talking, drinking in the Pub. 

That place is very comfortable for me to read.

My legs had muscle pain ! 

I ate Chicken legs that already were feeling nothing !

That was how my Christmas eve eve night was spent !

Alone, a lot of exercise, squat & pain, beer, chicken & book !

It can be very unique & original !  I like that very much.

I go my own way with what I like or I wanna do.

Page 106 in this book, it’s written that

(The movement of a person’s body makes them think differently.)

If it’s so, as long as I keep on exercising, my thinking is changing !

I think that is good. 

We all need to change,

I by myself need to change, so it can help somehow to me !


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