Lunch at the bar (GAME) !  BTS Nana station


Just In front of BTS Nana station, there is a bar called (Game), where they have a menu club sandwich for about 300 THB, and I think it’s the best club sandwich in Sukhumvit road’s bars !

Ladies working in the bar (Game) are storage, they are always touching & drinking with customers !

It look like a Karaoke shop or some kind of Go-go bar !

It was Sunday and Christmas day !

I went out for a walk and walked to BTS Thong Lo where I could get Khao Niao (Thai sticky rice) and I liked the red one. 

I took my Khao Niao to (Cafe Amazon). 

I ordered a coffee and ate Khao NIao in but they didn’t say anything !

Thai people are very kind and very open, they look like they don’t care about small things !

After eating, I’d better move my body, so I walked back to BTS Phra Khanong and started walking in the Fitness Club.

After Fitness, I took BTS to Nana and I was having my lunch at the bar (Game), and I walked back home to Phra Khanong again, from Nana.

So you can imagine how far I walked yesterday !

When I got back to my room, all I needed was sleep !

It’s a very good feeling, I sleep on Sunday afternoon !

Christmas 2022 has ended, so look forward to a New year 2023 !

It’s Monday again, I have 3 more days to work.

Enjoy, enjoy ! Have a good day and great week !


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