Last working day in 2022 ! Enjoy your holiday !


Last Fitness club in 2022.

I joined a Body Combat class yesterday ! I could keep exercising all through the year ! That must be something big for me in 2022.

Now I’m preparing my backpack for my holiday to India !

After Fitness, I went to see my friend who is from Japan for his holiday in Thailand.

We went to a bar for drinking & talking.

When I saw him in Thailand again, I was thinking it was time for everyone to have fun on their holidays !

This morning (last working day for me in 2022), I woke up at 5:00 as usual, and went to coin laundry to wash my clothes.

During Washing machine was running, I came to my office to start working with a coffee !

After 1 hour, I went back to my place and picked up my laundry back to my room.

Preparing my staff, which I would bring to India. Laptop, GoPro, T-shirts, passport and so on.

Now I’m back in my office and waiting for my flight to India this evening.

We all enjoy our holiday !

Let’s have fun, super fun !!


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