India Travel ! Mumbai & Varanashi.


I went to India from 28th Dec ’22 to 3rd of jan’23.

I was a solo traveler as always and visited Mumbai & Varanasi.

I took many photos & movies in India.

And I will share them with you here ! My opinion of India is just amazing & great ! If you have time, no no, you make your time & travel to India !

I was on Thai Airways from Bangkok to Mumbai, about a 4 hours & half flight.

This is a meal on the airplane.

I got to Mumbai very late at night on the 28th, and stayed at a hotel near Airport.

On the 29th, I woke up at 5:00 AM & checked out of my hotel, walking to downtown Mumbai.

This is my 3rd time visiting India. I like to see different worlds, so India can be very good to me !

Milk tea, 10 INR !

I already updated (Kuni talking) 1, 2 & 3 on Youtube + (India Travel) ① !

As much as I make Youtube, I will update again !

This No.4 is the last one in Munbai.

Painting of Gandhi
Dhobi Ghat
Indian Curry

Ganges river in Varanasi.

Ganges river

If you get interested in India with my photos & movies, I ‘d be so happy !


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