After The World Cup 2022 Qatar !


The World Cup has ended.

It was a very good time & enjoyed watching the football matches ! Yesterday morning, I had to  walk up at 6:00 for my work.

I had a few hours of sleep because I was watching the final match between Argentina vs France. 

I drove my car to Pathumthani to have a meeting with my customer. Avoid Bangkok traffic jams, so I started very early. 

After the meeting in Pathumthani, I moved to Ayutthaya where we had a warehouse to keep our stocks. I sometimes go there to check & count our stocks.

After that I drove back to Bangkok but I was so sleepy. I felt danger, so I was driving so slow !

When I got to Bangkok, I parked my car and went to my office.

I started checking emails & making reports and so on.

At 17:00, I went to the Fitness Club to refresh myself & had a walk on the running machine for 60 mins. 

And I went home, took shower and drank 2 beers.

When I woke up, it was 2:30 AM.
I started reading a book for 30 mins and tried to sleep again but I could.

So I prepared my staff and came to the office to work.

From 3:00 AM or 4, I don’t care. I can work anytime.

If I start working earlier I can finish earlier, too.

Maybe because of The World Cup ! 

It changed the rhythm of my life !

It’s gonna be better soon, I know that. I must go slow to change my rhythm back.

I get 7 more days of work this year.

I’m going to India but I haven’t got my visa yet ! I already applied online but still have not come.

I must call the Indian embassy in Bangkok today to push them for it !


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