I could exchange money for Indian rupees.


As advice, I called (Superrich Thailand) for booking Indian rupee to exchange. They held my line and checked. After a few mins, they picked up again and said they had. I asked if the picking up point was at (EmQuartier) around 19:00. They said OK !

When I got (Superrich Thailand) in (EmQuartier) at 18:30, a lot of people were already waiting in line. So I joined the line and started reading a book.It was OK for me, the book was just about finished, so I just kept reading.

I spent about 30 mins in the line.

Finally it was my turn ! I moved the counter and told her about Indian rupee booking. She smiled and said (Will you go to India for business or holiday ?)

I answered (holiday for a week) .

She looked up at me and said (Can I go with you ?).

I was a bit surprised that she said so.

(Do you really want to go to India ?) I added.

She said (Of course because I haven’t been there, I want to see !).

It was just a few mins, just exchanging money to Indian money but it was a very nice conversation !

I think (Superrich Thailand) service is very good & kind. 

Now on board, they say they don’t have Japanese money to exchange, maybe many Thai people buy that and go to Japan.

After a few years, people start moving the world which is very very good.

We have curiosity, so we must see what else can be another world ! 

Read books to know !

Jump into the world to see !

Have a nice nice life to you all !!

Be curious like a cat !


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