Bangkok life, are you feeling alright ?


I’ve been cleaning my office since yesterday.

I am alone doing it, so I feel a bit angry because no one helps me to do it !

I got (Office Mate) delivered a new desk & chair for Thai staff, and I waited to finish making them to put them in the correct place. 

That was good, a man from (Office Mate) assembled a desk & chair.

I didn’t want to do it !

Done ! Very good !

After (Office Mate) left, I started assembling racks to keep boxes which we put our documents in.

Opened the boxes and changed to new boxes, old empty boxes were bent. I repeated those & repeated again, again !

When my boss from HQ Japan called me, I was a bit  angry that I was alone doing everything !

So I stopped doing it and moved to Fitness Club to exercise to change my feeling !

In the night, I went to a pub (P.J O’Brien’s Irish Pub) to meet new friends who I got to know through Twitter !

They saw my Twitter and sent me a DM that they wanted to see me.
So, why not !

We met in the pub drinking & talking for a few hours. That was fun !

It was a very good time.

When I said Good-bye to them, I felt alright ! 

Feeling was Sabai, sabai !


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