Dinner with my guest at KOSMO Resto & Bar !


I have guests from Japan this week, so I must stay with them and visit their suppliers & customers together for 3 days. It was 1 st day we went to Rayong for 2 companies to visit. After that, I took them for dinner in Phra Khanong.

We ordered Steak, pizza, salad, Thai food, etc & we drank Asahi beers & red wine !

We spent about 2 hours and went home to sleep.

Oh I forgot that there was aJapanese lady among my guests, so I took her to (RinTaro) for ice cream. I think this (RinTaro) was from Japan. You can choose 2 ice and the price was 120 THB. It was very good and the Japanese lady was satisfied, too !

It was a very good time, we laughed a lot.

Today is the 2nd day, we are going to Chonburi  and visit 3 customers. It’s time for work !

Have a nice day and good luck !


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