Bangkok Life with Super Spicy Foods !


Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodle, I just found in (Seven) & got it. For my breakfast I was eating it but it was super hot ! Hottest one I’ve ever eaten. I was sweating a lot and my brain was going crazy !!

If you like hot one, spicy food, you can try it !

I really like spicy food, so living in Thailand can be good to me. When I eat Thai food, I always put a lot of chill on it, and my friends are surprised by it but I can’t stop spicy food !

I will tell you about Japanese food in Bangkok, there are too many. You can find any Japanese food in Bangkok, so anything you want to eat, you can have it.

BUra-ponzu set, 200THB

I always go to a Japanese restaurant called (Uma), it’s in Phra Kanong, just behind the Hotel (Hope Land). They have many kinds of Set-menu which cost about 200 to 230 THB ! 

Very reasonable price.

You can have Ramen or Soba there, too.

Soba Inari set, 200THB

When I go for a walk, I just look around to get some shop information where I can try spicy food. 

In (Gateway Ekamai), I found one shop called (Pepper Lunch) and they promote Spicy-menu, so I must run to them !

In the middle of the photos written (激辛)GEKIKARA means (Super Hot) ! but sometimes it is not so hot for me, so I must try once.

I love chocolate, I love chips. In Thailand, so many snacks are very good and not so expensive.

Thinking of Foods & eating, I think Thailand is one of the best in the world !

Enjoy, enjoy !

Japanese snacks, you can get imported ones at Supermarkets such as  (Maxvale) (Villa super) (Fuji super) and so on in Bangkok.

For coffee, I always go to (Cafe Amazon) which could be anywhere near BTS station and they offer the same taste, same price. 

It can be half the price of (Starbacks).They also have (Free Wi-Fi) and you can charge electricity to your smartphone.

We will have a good time in December, maybe some party with friends !

Let’s enjoy good food, spicy food, sweets, beer & coffee in Bangkok !


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