Japan beat Spain, 555 ! Enjoy World Cup 2022.


My alarm was ringing at 2:00 AM ! Yes, it was the time for the world cup match Japan vs Spain ! My brain was still a bit sleepy but anyway I had to see it ! After all, we won ! Japan beat Spain 2-1 ! Yes, yes, yes !!!

It was a great match, very exciting ! 

Japan got 6 points and we are 1st place in Group E and we’ll fight with Croatia on 5th !

After work (before the Japan match), I went for a walk as my exercise. I still have a little bit of lower back pain, so I can’t do hard exercise.

After walking, I went to W-market in Phra Kanong to eat and drink. From a shop offering Chinese food, I ordered Twice-cooked pork (Hui Guo Rou). 

150THB + Asahi beer (Big bottel) 150THB.

Wishing Japan team’s win, I was eating my favorite food  (Hui Guo Rou) !

At the same time I was reading a book to study.

I spent about 1 hour going back home to sleep.

W market in Phra Kanong

I woke up at 2:00 AM, that was the time the game started.

Spain got a goal in the 1st half, and in the 2nd half, Japan had to go ! and Mr. Doan got a super goal , which made it 1-1. 

After just 3 mins, Mr. Tanaka got a goal which made it 2-1, Japan got a winning goal !

Oh my god, it was very exciting !

After the match, I could sleep again for a while, maybe I was so excited.

I woke up again at 6:00 AM, it was time for work.

I walked 5 mins to my office and started working as always !


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