Lower back pain for a week but it will be good December !


Last week in my Fitness club, after I joined Yoga class, I got lower back pain. I have this problem from time to time, maybe because I’m old and I haven’t had enough sleep because of the World Cup !

I hope my back will be better soon and have a great month in December !

So I haven’t gone to Fitness. Actually I want to do exercise, instead of going, I go for a walk slowly in the Sukhumvit rd.

When I walk (normally around 18:00) it’s very very busy in Bangkok, Sukhumvit rd too. Yes, rush hour !

Traffic jam, that’s Bangkok !

We still have a month in 2022, but for me this year is a very good year as always. I feel happy most of the time here.

Again, I say to myself how much I like Bangkok life which is suitable for me living. 

This January I started going to my Fitness club where I met a lot of new people who work out together.

Now I really enjoy Fitness to do !

We are always changing & doing something new to improve ourselves. If we stop improving, I think we can’t feel happy. Pain is also, sometimes we need to feel it !

I will finish my work for today soon, and I will go for a walk again. It’s a very hot day in Bangkok (already 30th of November), but it’s OK. 

I have one more T-shirt to change. 

Listen to the music + walk under the blue sky, I will be good in bangkok today again !

At the end of Dec, I’m going to India for my new year’s holiday, so I must prepare my visa for it. I’m very excited to go to India after 3 years.

How are you gonna spend your holiday ? Do you have any plans ?

If not, you just make it ! 


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