Pataya play (Candy Shop) Walking street


It’s time for Pattaya Fireworks Festival at this weekend, so I took a minibus coming to Pattaya. Fee was 160 THB, one way, and taking about 3 hours to get Pattaya-Kang rd of Sukhumvit rd janction. It was big big traffic jam, so I walked from Sukhumvit rd to Beach rd !

When I got to my hotel near Pattaya Walking street, Fireworks were almost ended. I just missed 1st day !

( Pattaya Fireworks Festival schedule: Fireworks times and concerts)

I will go & see 2nd day (today).

Checked in my room but no water to drink, so I went to (Seven) to buy some water & food.

Before 23:00, I started going out to Pattaya Walking street, and just poped in the bar called (Candy Shop).

It’s very big space bar, open wide and entrance free.

There were Live bands playing, so you can dance too.

It was also a big screen outside to show World Cup much !

Bar (Candy Shop) is very easy bar to join and enjoy drinks, music & dancing.

Live bands change from time to time.

I got two beers. It was just begnning for Pattaya night. Just ready to enjoy Pattaya holiday !

After (Candy Shop) I went to Club (808) just next door of (Candy Shop) & Club (Insomnia) where I have a member ship card.

More than 10 years ago, I used to live in Pattaya. I lived about 2 years & half, so Pattaya city is very familia to me. My best favorite city in Thailand is Pattaya !

I’m staying one more night, so I will see Fireworks tonight & hang out again !

Have a nice weekend to you all !!


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