Club (808) & (Insomnia) in Pattaya !


Pattaya night life ! I like clubbing so much. There are a lot of clubs in Pattaya, specially (Pattaya Walking Street). My favorite club in Pattaya is (Insomnia) and I have a membership card of it.

After a few drink at Bar (Candy shop), I moved to Club (808) , just next door of (Candy shop).

I’d never been there but I saw some weman’s group going up from (Candy shop), so just (curiosity), I went up to have a look !

Inside was almost same space with (Candy shop), DJ on the stage !

It was about midnight but there weren’t so much people, and some people were dancing in front of the satage.

I stayed about 45 mins and moved to Club (Insomnia) by walking.

1st floor is (i-Bar) and 2nd floor is (Insomnia).

I like atmosphere & music. Space are almost same size with (Candy shop) or (808) but many people inside every night !

I moved around to keep my space & stand, looking around to pepale enjpying & dancing. After I was getting drunk, I started dancing as well !

Another good point of Club (Insomnia) is quiet easy to meet people.

I think everybody comes to enjoy like a party, so looking for a fun, happy to meet new friends ! I also met a lady called (Dada) and her friends. They invited me to drink with thier bottle (Vodka) !

I love Vodka flavor and I can’t stop drinking if I start !

So I got so drunk after all, and said (Good-night) to Ms. Dada & her frinds. I always go to hell after having fun in Club (Insomnia) !!

When I woke up, it was already 13:00 and big headahe. Anyway I moved my body up and strted walking out to get my lunch (Hot Thai food), and back to my room to sleep more !

Pattaya with blue sky, sunshine was hitting me a lot. I could think of nothing, just dead until 18:00, untill I woke up again !

I am 55 years old but still love clubbing with drinks & dancing !

Free entrance for both club, so you can just move in & enjpy !


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