Enjoy the weekend, just about Christmas !


It’s the weekend ! Let’s play whatever you like in Bangkok ! There are so many things to do and so many choices for you. Normally I hang out but I don’t do that match in this month, because I want to enjoy the World Cup 2022.

And I just got cured of my lower back pain, so I’d better go slow ! I do easy exercise already and keep on going to make sure my back is OK.

I want to watch the football matches and I also want to have enough sleep too.

 For my new years holiday in India, I want to be 100% OK !

So, I just stop hanging around, be a bit crazy or super drunk !

Yesterday, after work, I went to Fitness club (Fitness 24 seven). 

I had (Walk & Run) for 45 mins, Body Combat 55 mins & Body Pump 55 mins.

I guess that’s quite enough for a day’s training.

Enjoy working out to be a strong man !

At Summer Hill (just in front of BTS Phra Khanong station), there are some food shops and live-band playing music.

I saw it last night, after the Fitness club.

There were so many people eating & drinking, watching Live-band and having a lot of fun !

It’s Christmas time, everybody is having fun !

Life is very short !

So you try to do what you want to do 1st.

Take action for your activity and look for fun as much as you can !

Life is very very short !

Sometimes we just forget about it but it’s OK.

AS long as we keep on going, we keep on enjoying our life !

Don’t go home !

Play out all the night !


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