Exchange money. I need Indian rupee !


I’m traveling to India at the end of this year for 1 week, so I need money India rupee. Some Indian people said that it was a better exchange in Thailand, the rate was not so good in India. So I went to look for the shops where I could exchange Indian rupee in Sukhumvit rd.

1st of all, I went to the department store (EmQuartier) at BTS Phrom Phong but they didn’t have it.  They said I had to book when & how much I’d like to exchange !

It was still 19:00 in Bangkok, so I just kept on walking and looked for other shops & other chances !

I walked from BTS Phrom Phong to BTS Asoke and I stopped by a few shops to ask but all of them didn’t have it.

So I just gave up and I’d call (Super rich Thailand) to book Indian rupee !

Walking is OK, just like my exercise.

And I got to know about Indian money, that’s not so easy in Thailand to exchange. So if you need them, it’s better to hurry to prepare them.

I got on the local bus, just 10 THB from Asok to Nana, to have a beer !

Killing some time before The World Cup match !

There are so many bars in Nana area. 

I looked around and tried a bar where I hadn’t gone for a long time, so I stepped in a bar called (Stumble Inn), one beer was 140 THB.

Before 22:00, just about the Football match, I moved to Bar-restaurante (Bully’s) where were big monitors showing the Football match !

The 1st half was almost finished, Croatia got the 2nd goal from Morocco, then my friend who was working in a bar called to tell me that she saw me walking. 

I went to my friend, K. Jeap, at the bar (The Jungle) to drink together.

As you can imagine, if we drink together, we talk and laugh, so I can’t watch a football match !

But it’s all right for me, I just enjoy being with my friend sometimes !!


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