Coming to work at 5:00 AM.


I normally come to my office at 5:00 AM.

I am not an owner of this company, just an employee.

My lifestyle is to wake up early and go to bed early.

It’s been about 10 years or more, just like that. Good point is that I can use my morning time very quietly & concentrate on my work !

About 2 years ago, I quitted my previous company and went traveling for 4 months. After that I went back to my hometown Kyoto to stay with my family for 4 months.

I was lucky enough that this company offered us a job and I just got it.

It’s a trading company that is the same kind of company I used to work at. So it’s not difficult to catch on !

The Thai staff working with me are very nice !

My salary & allowance are good enough !

Working place (the office) is very close to my apartment. 

And this company’s situation is OK, I mean good !

It’s a small trading company but we make profit. This year (2022) has been very good.

If you are lucky, you start working for a good company with good people. Sometimes a company with working people is good, but it just doesn’t fit with you.

It’s about luck !

You never know until you start working there.

Of course, your skill is important too. If you can make more sales than anybody in the 1st month, people will look up at you Wowooo !

If you can show them your powerful skill, they will take you in as a long-time co-worker !

I think if you have your style for your life, your work & your play, it’d be easy to go on the way. You can be unique, you can be different from others.

If you are different, you can study and be strong by yourself a lot. 

People are scared to be different but they like you to be different !

So good luck to you and have a nice day !


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