Enjoy Thai foods, especially hot ones !


One of the good things about living in Thailand is Thai foods.

I’ve been living here for more than 13 years but I never get bored of Thai food.

Some people don’t like them because they are hot & spicy ! If they can not eat hot & spicy food, they can not try those !!

This is a potato chip called (Ghast pepper) very very hot but tastes very good !

You can find it at (Lotas’s).

You also can find Cup noodles (Ghost Pepper), too.

This is a Cup noodles (shin- Super Spicy).

I haven’t eaten it yet, so I will try it soon. I’d like to compare which one is hotter (ghost pepper noodle or Shin- super spicy) !

I also love Thai street food. Easy & cheap !

I go to Phra Khanong market almost everyday to get my food there.

People are very friendly and helpful, so I’m sure you enjoy shopping in the market !

Spicy chicken curry !

In the market, if you walk slowly and check carefully, you can also see spicy foods there.

They really look spicy and if you eat, they are !

I can’t stop eating spicy food, I really love them !

You may be able to wake up 1 hour earlier and go for a walk in the markets !

I think you can enjoy the people & many street foods of Thailand !

Enjoy and find out what you like !


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