I live in Phra Kanong but I go to Cafe Amazon Ekkamai !


After Fitness club, I walked about 15 mins to Ekkamai where another (Cafe Amazon) is just in front of BTS Ekkamai station. I like that Cafe Amazon because a beautiful lady is working there !

Her smile is so nice and makes me relax, so this is my favorite cafe now !

Relaxing Saturday in Bangkok.

After my lunch I took a nap and went to Fitness club to exercise (walk & run) , 1st set I did it for 50 mins spending 300 kilocalorie, and 2nd set I did for 30 mins spanding 200 kilocalorie !
I think I did it enough.

Some of my friends said to me that drinking coffee can make me relax after exercise, is that true ?

I’m not sure about it but I just believe it.

Cashew Nuts coated with Coconut Flakes

I found a snake (Cashew Nuts coated with Coconut Flakes) 40 THB, and I tried it. It’s very good ! I know some chocolates, originally from Cafe Amazon, which are very good, too.

Cafe Amazon also sell (Drip bag coffee), the normal one is 120 THB (x 5 bags) , which is very good too.

I keep them in my office and make coffee 2 or 3 times a day.

I drop MCT oil in my coffee, which can be good for my body !

I like to eat snacks so I eat sometimes but I control not to eat much. 

I love coffee and I try to drink in a healthy way for me when I drink !

It’s Sunday morning, about 5:00 AM. I feel like drinking a coffee with MCT oil drops !

OK, I’m going to my office soon and enjoy coffee & my day off !


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