Time of Travel ! Welcome to Thailand !


It is the end of the month, just one month to go ! Let’s have a great month as final og 2022 ! and new start of 2023. look forward to going to India at end of this year. Yes, it’s time of Travel !

I thinkl it’s also time of World Cup, so many people travel to Qatar to enjoy football !

Thailand is hot & hot, so it’s always one of the best countries to visit. Actually, I see many tourist in Bangkok everyday.

Let’s finish working quick, go out, go traveling !

Famous exchange shop called (SUPERRICH), there is one more (SUPERRICH THAILAND) which color is green.

Money for traveling ! Money for exeprience ! Spend mony for good !

About my life is Bangkok, so far so good but I get my lower back pain again.

Maybe I did too much exercise, maybe I slept less (because of World Cup match), that’s my worry now.

I stop going to fitness club for a while, relax & big sleep to cure my back !

Anyway we all must think (Health) is the most important thing for us.

I always come to the office at 6 AM.

To wake up ealry, that’s me. I always wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 and my office is just 5 mins walk away from where I live.

Very easy !

After taking a shower, I just come to the office and make a morning coffee. Checking e-mails, prepare the work for a day & ready !

Work for mony and money for my enojy life !

I always enjpy to meet new people & new exeprience to feel happy !

Eat good foods as my breakfast and my day is starting !

Let’s have a great day again.


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