Lunch in Kyoto【TENDAN】, Yakiniku restaurant since 1965.


Still being (State of emergency) in Kyoto until 20th of Jun’21. All restaurants must close by 20:00 and no alcohol to offer. It’s very hard time for everyone but we must enjoy our lifes even ant situation ! And here is a idea that enjoy eating !

Yakiniku restaurant (TENDAN)

There are 4 (TENDAN) in Kyoto. This lunch time, I just went to (TENDAN Saiin) where is near (Hankyu Saiin Station). This BBQ restaurant is too famous in Kyoto, everyone knows it !

They offer as (Lunch set) that’s very reasonable price about 1,000 JPY to 1,500 JPY. Actually I don’t eat Beef so offten but sometimes only I do feel like having BBQ at (TENDAN) to enjoy.

Reimen set (1,100 JPY)

This is (Reimen set) which my mom had today. It’s cold noodle in soup (Korean Style) + Kimuchi, rice, Salad etc. Raimen is very good for summer time and which not many countries has cold noodle to eat ! (Thai people don’t eat cold ones !)

I do recommend this (TENDAN) restaurant if you like Beef, Yakiniku, BBQ !!

If you have any qustion about (KYOTO), send me DM to my twitter (Kunitabi)





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