Where you can relax in Kyoto (Umekoji park) 京都(梅小路公園)



I must study English more, so trying to write my blog in English ! Today, this morning I was walking in (Umekoji park) in Kyoto where one of the biggest park in Kyoto.

Umekoji park (nanajyo dori) entrance

(Umekoji Park) is one of the biggest park in Kyoto where is not so far from Kyoto Station. About 10 mins by Kyoto-city bus or maybe 30 mins walk from Kyoto Station.

This is the web sight but no English one, just in Japanese. 【Umekoji Park】

There are (Kyoto Aquarium) which was opened this morning, where you can see (Japanese Giant Salamander) ! Bit creepy but some people love creepy creature.

Japanese Giant Salamander
you can get Salamander dolls !

There is also (Kyoto Railways Museum) where it’s big fun for Railways lovers !

You enjoy Japan’s steps toward modernization through its railway history !

Kyoto Railways Museum
Enjoy play on green !
Small woods

In (Umekoji Park), there are small woods where you can walk by the stream and feel cool even hot day, or with your family, children or friends, you can play on the green !

When you need to relax, just go for a walk to (Umekoji park) where I’m sure you like !





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