Sleep and wake up for football and sleep again ! My Bangkok life !!


For the World Cup semi-final, I woke up at 2:00 AM and switched on my PC for France vs Morocco ! It was a very exciting game  and France won 2-0. After that I went back to sleep for 2 more hours until my work time !

I’ve been enjoying The World Cup 2022 Qatar but only 2 more games left, on Sat & Sun night.

During The World Cup, (maybe not only me) My life in Bangkok, time schedule is changing ! Sleep & wake up, and sleep again & wake up again ! That’s very tough but happy too !

This is like a big party of the world, so I’m feeling as if I’m joining in !

Last night, after my exercise, I went to the shop (Maxvalu) to get a blue cheese. That’s my favorite cheese.

With the red wine to eat is oh !! super good !

This area (Phra Khnong) I can’t find it, so I must go to Ekkamai but I don’t care, just a 15 mins walk, just kind of exercise too.

My dinner was salad + blue cheese + red wine and ++

I ate light food just before I went to sleep.

For my exercise yesterday was (Walk & Run) only.

Walk (5.2-5.4 km/hour) 3 mins & Run(6.5-7.5 km/hour) 3 mins, and I repeat them for 30 mins x 2 times + 1more for 45 mins. 

So total 1 hour & 45 mins, about 750 kilocalorie to spend.

I think this is the best way to lose weight !

I woke up from my 2nd sleep at 5:45.

I came to my office at 6:00 & started working with a hot coffee.

It was a very cold morning in Bangkok, but I felt good with my body !

After 1 hour working, I stopped & took a break, and I went out for my breakfast.

The sun already came up, showing the morning scene of Phra Khanong.

OK, let’s go & enjoy today too !


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