Bakery tour in Kyoto, 【BOULANGERIE PATISSERIE】is from Paris !


B1 of Kyoto station (it’s called PORTA that’s like shopping street under the roof), I just founf a bakery called 【BOULANGERIE PATISSERIE】, this shop is from Paris (France) . Main shop is near (Shijyo Karasuma) .

In Kyoto, there are about 300 bakery shops, so it’s not easy to find what is the best bread for you. You just keep on eating one by one ! So do I !!

Today I tried this (Matcha sweet bread) named 【Mocchiri Matcha Anpan】378 JPY.

Mocchiri Matcha Anpan

I wasn’t much hungry, so I took just one !

This shop is from Paris, so I guess next time I’d try (Croissant) !!


One more barkey that I recommend in Kyoto is 【SIZUYA】 since 1948. 73 years running in Kyoto ! Awesome, isn’t it ? If you see this logo, let’s try !

You can get good sandwiches !


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