My photos of (Syria) & (Jordan), back in 1993 !


In 1993, I was in (Egypt) working as a tour guide. It was like 5 months of work and 1 month off. So twice a year I could go for my holliday and I decided to go to (Syria) & (Jordan) that time. They are my photos of them, 30 years ago, taken by camera (Nikon F4).

Aleppo (Syria)

Actually I don’t really remember what I did or what I saw over there, because 30 years ago. They are also Islamic countries, so I might not see much difference from Egypt. Me & my girlfriend (Tomoko), we just wanted to visit (Petra) in Jordan because of a movie (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) .

Petra (Jordan)

The opportunity to travel comes from anywhere. That’s very funny but I think it’s great ! Sometimes if you think too much about bad things which might happen, that scares you and you just freeze, not able to move ! So when you feel something you want to do, stop thinking and just start doing it ! 

Damascus (Syria)

Timing is very important in your life too. We can not think our life is forever ! Something you can do today, never think that you can do the same tomorrow. So, when you have time & you wanna do, that is the time to do it !

Sunset in Aleppo (Syria)

I learned the joy of traveling again through traveling in Syria & Jordan. After 30 years, I still travel the world and still feel more & more to see the world !


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