Good day for a small adventure (小さな冒険日和)

My advebture is always from (Kyoto Station). ぼくの冒険はいつも、京都駅から始まる。

Bakery tour in Kyoto, 【BOULANGERIE PATISSERIE】is from Paris !

B1 of Kyoto station (it's called PORTA that's like shopping street under the roof), I just founf a bakery called 【BOULA...

Enjoy Morning walk in Kyoto everyday and smile !

It's already rainy season in Kyoto but it's been good for a week ! Very nice for walking but it's very hot in PM. Kyoto isn't a big city, population is just 1.5 million.So nice city for a walk or ride a bicycle but be careful summer time is very very hot and humidity is high ! Drink water and take salt from time to time when you are out-side.