Good day for a small adventure (小さな冒険日和)


My advebture is always from (Kyoto Station). ぼくの冒険はいつも、京都駅から始まる。

It’s been very hot day after 3 ours walking, I decided to stay in my room watching a movie. I pick up a movie called (Please stand by) that’s about a autisic girl who wrote a (Star Trek) manuscript and took it to Paramount Pictures for competition. First she was scared of everything but she found her task to go on. Looked like (Star Trek) made her power and move !

Still 4 more to see

Because of Covid-19, we can’t play out as we used to, that makes us crazy ! But we need to think and make new ideas about what or how we can enjoy our life ! 

This movie told me that I don’t need to go so far. I may try to look for a small adventure in my area, in my daily life !

Good exercise, Good food, Good feeling and good movies !

It’s Jun from tomorrow, try something new !

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