My free photos of Egypt, Israel & Turkey, back in 1990’s !


In 1992, I was in Cairo working as a Japanese tour guide and I used to have a camera (Nikon F4) which was big and heavy camera but I really loved it !

Put just a photo as sample that I took with my Nikon, and you can go on to see more my photos and I offer you to see or use as copyright free ! Please, enjoy photos 30 years ago !

【Egypt 1992】 ⇚ Click here for more more Egypt’s photo !

Giza, Egypt

【Israel 1993】 ⇚ Click here for more more Israel’s photo !

Jerusalem, Israel

【Turkey 1992】 ⇚ Click here for more more Turkey’s photo !

My name is Kunitabi, I love traveling. I used to work in Egypt & Thailand (now back home in Kyoto, 2021) .When I have time, I always go out, traveling to everywhere I wanna go !

If you want to see more photos (where I’ve been), you can check in (my Profile). I made it in Japanese but I’m updating in English little by little, please check for time to time !

My blog (kunitabi), kuni is my name, Tabi is Travel in Japanese !